Everyone, above the age of 15, is welcome to join the classes. Aikido is traditionally practiced by all, together, irrespective of age or gender. 

The instructors have systematic training background and bear official Aikikai Foundation (Aikido World Headquarters) dan grades (black-belt).  Students' dan grades (black belt) will also be officially registered with Aikikai, Japan. Kyu grades (white belt) will be registered with Pondicherry Aikikai.

The introduction is closely supervised to be at the individuals' capacities. For your first classes

Registration: Please consult the section on dojo-membership (Dojo > Membership) for registration and payment details.

Practitioners can approach the instructor for help with availing training equipment, such as keiko-gi (uniform).

Visitors are welcome to watch regular practice sessions.

Training Schedule

Dojo open from 25th June.

Syllabus & Grades

Pondicherry Aikikai, follows the curriculum established by the Hombu dojo, Aikikai, Japan: 

Syllabus - Hombu Aikikai - Jun2023.pdf

The syllabus advances from basic forms, stances and movements, to simple attacks and defences, to more complex movements for both the tori (attacker) and the uke (defender). It also helps to increasingly build balance, breadth of movement and power in the practice.

In Aikido, there are