Pondicherry Aikikai currently operates in collaboration with AuroYajna - Sri Aurobindo Society (since Dec. 3rd 2022).

Technical Director

Technical guidance and mentorship is provided by Davinder Bath sensei, 6th Dan Shihan Aikikai So Hombu. He is the Chief Instructor at London Aikikai and a member of British Aikikai. Davinder Bath sensei is a long-term student of TK Chiba Shihan, 8th Dan Aikikai, who was an uchideshi, or live-in student, of the founder O Sensei.


Aurobrata Ghosh, 3rd Dan (black-belt) Aikikai, has been training in Aikido since 2006 and has had the opportunity to practice under various Aikido teachers over the years:

He has also had the good fortune to regularly attend seminars conducted by senior Aikikai sensei's, including:

Besides Aikido, Aurobrata Ghosh is a scientist in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Modelling and holds a PhD in Computer Science from Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerannée, France. He is also an alumnus of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), Pondicherry.